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Daily Dose: CBD Oil 350 MG Formula, Green roads

The NEW Green RoadsDaily Dose: CBD Oil 350 MG Formula is the perfect way to enjoy CBD on the go! The powerful Daily Dose: CBD Oil 350 MG Formula from Green roads is designed to fit into a busy schedule while still providing the high dosage of CBD you are looking for.  

The Daily Dose: 350 MG Formula tincture is a sublingual oil that is vegetable glycerin based, infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD). Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil is made in America and compounded by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years + experience. The Daily Dose: 1500 MG Formula Green roads tincture is a high concentration of CBD, and each syringe has approximately 23 MG concentration of broad spectrum CBD.     

CBD Uses

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. At the time, the science behind hemp could not explain why it worked. However, people believed it to be a powerful plant.

Now… Modern day science explains the powers of hemp and why years ago it was used for so many different purposes. The hemp plant produces compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help create balance in your endocannabinoid system.

What Happens If Your Endocannabinoid System Is Out Of Balance?

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CBD Roll on Pain Cream 350 mg

CBD Roll-on Pain Cream 350 mg

CBD Roll-on Pain Cream 350 mg is designed with pain relief, rejuvenation, and high absorption rates in mind. CBD topical are fragrance - free, massage-based roll on infused with 350 mg of 99.4% Hemp CBD isolate to offer quick relief for sore muscles, joints, and inflammation.

Life comes with pain, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the moments that make up your life story. Thanks to CBD Freeze Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Freeze roll-on, you don’t have to worry about the minor aches and pains life holding you back. Our 350 mg CBD Roll-on topical with pain-relieving combination, every day can be your best day yet.

As always, every Chronic Boom Delights / JUST CBD product is infused with hemp-derived CBD. Extracted from the hemp plant via supercritical CO2 extraction, then winterized to purify the concentrated CBD and purge all unwanted plant products / cannabinoids from the final product. In addition, our CBD roll-on Pain Cream 350 mg is infused with rosemary extract, and CBD hemp seed oil to bring you the relief you need and the pleasant aroma you desire. Without leaving a greasy residue behind to clean up.

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