1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture




1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture (Lavender). CBD hemp oils 1000 milligrams (1000 mg) - Brand: Chronic BOOM Delights

THC Free 1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture. Our concentrated CBD Oil extract originates from hemp genetics grown in the United States. Our THC Free 1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture has become very popular with athletes around the world to assist in their recovery. This product is guaranteed THC free and is independently tested by a third party laboratory.

Our tincture comes with an easy drop applicator for the perfect dose. The product can be used orally as well as topically on the skin. 30ml Bottle.

1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture

Ingredients: CBD Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lavender Essential Oil

Serving Size: For edible use, take one dropper (1mL) once a day. For Topical, apply on skin every 6 hours.
Total Size: 30 Servings Per Container

• THC Free Hemp Extract
• 1000 mg CBD extract per 30 ml bottle• Suggested serving size: 1/2 dropper, twice per day
• Non GMO
• No Pesticides
• Non psychoactive
• Rapid bio availability
• Regulates the human Endocannabinoid system
• Sourced from agriculture hemp, this tincture is made 100% from the Hemp plant.

Add it to your daily routine to promote mind and body health wellness. It has been enhanced for maximum shelf life and maximum bio-absorption giving our customers a cannabinoid profile that is legal in all 50 States. Non of our ingredients have been chemically synthesized in a lab. This product should be used sublingually under the tongue. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This 1000mg CBD Oil sublingual tincture is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Reducing intake of pharmaceutical medication with a natural herbal daily supplement that has been an effective and trusted remedy for thousands of years.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Made with ingredients that are certified USDA organic, this supplement is 100% natural, non GMO and grown with no chemicals or pesticides.

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