BluumLab disposable CBD Vaporizer Kush

BluumLab disposable CBD Vaporizer Kush

BluumLab disposable CBD Vaporizer Kush

Meet BluumLab Pod! Fully disposable CBD Vaporizer. Our unique little vape pen offers an all in one, charged battery and full 1ml CBD cartridge. With it's sleek and slim form factor that packs a punch and is always ready to go. Good for 200+ puffs without ever needing a recharge. Filled with organic CBD vape juice infused with pure, high grade CBD extract and available in 4 amazing flavors!

Tired of the filling, cleaning, and other time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining your CBD vape cartridges? BLUUM Lab has the answer to streamlining the process in their Disposable CBD Vape Pod Cartridges! The pinnacle of portability and convenience, these all-in-one, disposable, compact devices come pre-filled with a delicious CBD e-liquid in your choice of flavors! Once the liquid is consumed, simply toss it & grab a new one! Does it get any easier? In addition to easy operation and the elimination of any maintenance chores, BLUUM Lab products are domestically sourced from organically grown industrial CBD hemp flowers! If you’ve been searching for CBD products that offers premium CBD with a side of simplicity, then add a few of these incredible Disposable CBD vape pen pod kits from BLUUMLAB to your shopping cart now!

Bluumlab disposable CBD Vaporizer Kush
BluumLab Pods

What’s Included

  • 1 x BLUUMLab Disposable CBD Vaporizer KUSH Vape Pen cartridge (1-Kit)

Specs & Features

  • 100mg of Pure CBD
  • All Natural CBD
  • All-In-One, Disposable Device
  • Draw Activated
  • 270mAh battery
  •  Multiple flavors available
BluumLab Mang Vape Pods
BluumLab Berry Vape Pods
BluumLab Mint Vape Pods
BluumLab Kush Vape Pods

These Disposable BluumLab CBD Pods are perfect for always having a CBD pen on the go. Each vape pod is packed with 100MG of pure CBD isolate so you can always have CBD tucked into your pocket. The BluumLab Disposable CBD vaporizer Kush vape ped is an easy to use all in one vape pod that is draw activated and is available in multiple flavors. Each vape contains 1ml of CBD isolate infused in an organic CBD vape juice contained in a sleek vaporizer design that is highly portable.
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