CBD E-juice 300 MG Swapple

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CBD Swapple E-juice 300 MG

CBD Swapple E-juice 300 MG Contains all the essential benefits of our CBD Swapple with a delicious line of flavors made specifically for your Devices.

Our CBD E-Juices come in convenient 60 mL bottles.

Comes in 2 delicious flavors:

  • Fruit Rocks
  • Swapple
And in 2 convenient sizes:
  • 30 mL bottle (1oz)
  • 60 mL bottle (2oz)
NO Tobacco product in this item
CBD Vape E-juice 300 mg Swapple
CBD E-juice oils 

CBD e-juice have become incredibly popular these last few months. From full spectrum CBD oils to 99.8% pure isolate,

Give it a go, choose the best right away:

If you want to give CBD E-juice 300 MG Swapple a try, our recommendations and tips will help you choose the product mostly suitable to your needs. Not all CBD are the same and, most importantly, not all CBD are intended to be burned. If you want to try other oils, tinctures or concentrates make sure they are vape-safe. 

Most CBD ejuice can be directly, mixed with other e-juice or taken orally. As opposed to nicotine, CBD doesn't give any type of throat hit. It does however have a distinctive earthy-leafy aroma which becomes more powerful as the Cannabidiol concentration increases.

CBD waxes and isolates can also be burned. You need special devices like dedicated wax vaporizers or e-nails for the best experience, but it’s one of the cleanest ways to enjoy full spectrum CBD and all its benefits.

How to use CBD e-juice.

  • Purchase the e-liquid bottle. Shake it well before opening the bottle. This is due to the residue that is always there because of the vegetable glycerin, one of the main ingredients in the e-liquid.
  • The second step will be opening the bottle. Count exactly 20 drops and add them to the cap that you got after opening the bottle. Add these drops to a brand new device - the disposable tip that fits onto the device. If it is a new tip, it will probably require more drops of the liquid because it is dry.
  • After adding the liquid, you may need to wait for the liquid to accumulate at the tip of the device.
  • Switch the device on to inhale and off to stop as many times as you desire.
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