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CBD Flower Hemp Buds

CBD Flower Hemp Buds for sale. Grown on the roof of CBD Hemp Direct's Las Vegas warehouse. CBD flower Hemp buds strains are 14% to 23% CBD, with flavorful terpenes and virtually no THC. Our CBD flower Hemp buds will leave you in a relaxed and revitalized effect.

10 strains; Jazzy, Berry Exotic, Durban Potion, Juicy Fruit, Sunset Road Sherbert, Casino Cookies, Honolulu Haze, AC Diesel #2, Chardonnay #2 and Sour Patch.

If you like the popular cannabis strain, CBD flower Hemp buds, then you will enjoy and find relief from this below .3% THC CBD flower for sale.

CBD flower Hemp Buds
CBD Buds Hemp Flower

CBD Flower Hemp Buds Strain Information:
Type: Sativa dominant hybrids

Jazzy CBD flower
Strain Information: 
20.95% CBDA​ (ONLY 7g)
Lineage:  JH1 (hemp) x Cali Myst
Aroma:  Tropical, dank
Feeling:  Lit, motivated, like a boss
Berry Exotic CBD flower 
Strain Information: 
17.66% CBDA​ (ONLY 7g)
Lineage:  Berry Blossom (hemp) x Valentine X
Aroma:  Berry, earthy
Feeling:  Calm, Relax, Anxiety relief
Durban Potion CBD flower
Strain Information: 
14.9% CBDA | 1.5% CBD​ (NO 1.5g | 14g YES)
Lineage:  Magic Potion (hemp) x Durban Poison
Aroma:  Diesel, sweet
Feeling:  Creative, focused, energy
Juicy Fruit CBD flower
Strain Information: 
10.7% CBDA | 5.7% CBD (NO 14g)
Lineage:  LV1 (hemp) x Juicy Fruit
Aroma:  Citrus, tropical
Feeling:  Happy, uplifted
Sunset Road Sherbert CBD Flower
Strain Information: 
19.5% CBDA | .5% CBD​ (NO 14g)
Lineage:  AF1 (hemp) x Sunset Sherbert
Aroma:  Tangy, Citrus
Feeling:  Energized, revitalized
Casino Cookies CBD Flower
Strain Information: 
20.2% CBDA | 1.6% CBD​ (NO 14g)
Lineage:  AF4 (hemp) x Wookies
Aroma:  Hops, cinnamon, chamomile
Feeling:  Relief
Honolulu Haze CBD Flower
Strain Information: 
22.8% CBDA | 1.1% CBD​ (NO 14g)
Lineage:  Hawaiian Haze (hemp) x AF6
Aroma:  Hops, cinnamon, chamomile
Feeling:  Relaxed
AC Diesel #2 CBD Flower
Strain Information: 
17.2% CBDA | 1.3% CBD​ (NO 14g)
Lineage:  AC Diesel
Aroma:  Hops, cinnamon, chamomile
Feeling:  Relief, relaxation
Chardonnay #2 CBD Flower
Strain Information: 
18.1% CBDA | 0.7% CBD​ (NO 14g)
Lineage:  Chardonnay
Aroma:  Hops, cinnamon, chamomile
Feeling:  Relief, relaxation
Sour Patch CBD flower
Strain Information: 
12.6% CBDA | 1.9% CBD​ (NO 14g | NO 1 pounds)
Lineage:  Berry Blossom (hemp) x Lemon Haze
Aroma:  Lemon, Earthy, Pugnant
Feeling:  Stress relief, pain relief

Product Information:
Type:  CBD Hemp Flower
Quantity:  1.5g, 5 g, 7 g, 14 g, 30 g, 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb
Notes:  CBD hemp grown in USA.

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