CBD Smores Protein Bars




CBD Smores Protein Bars

These CBD Smores Protein Bars are a healthy, easy and delicious on-the-go snack! They only have a few ingredients and taste like S’MORES!

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I hate to admit it, but I’m a sucker for store-bought protein bars when I’m on the go. It’s just so convenient when I’m traveling and know I won’t be able to eat a real meal.  That being said, I usually go for Quest bars since I think they are the best tasting and don’t taste like fake chocolate.

My favorite flavor by far is the S’mores with ALL the chunks of goodness! We’re talking about the graham cracker chunks, chocolate chunks and marshmallow chunks! As you can see, I’m pretty obsessed with the chunkage.  But what I’m not obsessed about is the expensive price. Almost $8 per bar? Are you kidding me? I’m a college kid, come on now.

CBD Smores Protein Bars
CBD Smores Bars

I set out on a quest (pun intended) to re-create these CBD S’mores Protein Bars. The first and most important step is finding the very best protein I can find. 

For those of you that do not know, collagen is a protein that is naturally found in your body. Consuming collagen promotes:

  • youthful skin
  • healthier hair
  • stronger bones and joints
  • contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain weight
  • healthy immune, digestive and central nervous system.

CBD Smores Protein Bars

Now back to these protein bars. They are so inexpensive, and only a natural ingredients. They are the perfect healthy fuel for those moments when you need quick energy AKA when you’re hangry. Plus, they taste like S'mores! What more could you want?

CBD Smores Protein bar Nutrition facts

Cinnamon Pecan CBD Protein bars: 180 Calories, 6g Sugar, 3g Fiber, 20g Protein.

S’mores CBD Protein bars: 160 Calories, 4g Sugar, 6g Fiber, 14g Protein.

Peanut Butter CBD Protein bars: 180 Calories, 4g Sugar, 5g Fiber, 19g Protein.

Caramel Almond CBD Protein bars: 180 Calories, 4g Sugar, 4g Fiber, 19g Protein.

Case contains 12 CBD Protein bars $90.

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