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Mission Zero CBD Bundle

Mission Zero is dedicated to veteran suicide prevention. At Green Roads, we believe there’s ALWAYS a natural alternative. That’s why we created the Mission Zero Bundle; to support the worthy mission of ending the veteran suicide epidemic.

Don’t miss out on this memorial day exclusive price! Give this limited edition bundle, with our best selling CBD products a try!

The Mission Zero Bundle Pack includes:

  •  350 mg sublingual CBD oil (1)
  •  300 mg CBD Muscle and Joint Cream (1)
  •  300 mg RELAX Natural Hemp Gummies (1)

US veterans risk their lives to preserve our freedom and way of life. This is our way of saying thank you and contributing to ending the veteran suicide epidemic.

All Green Roads products are pharmacist-formulated, triple lab-tested, and guaranteed to contain Non-Detectable THC.

NOTE : These products are not eligible for any promotional sales or discount codes.

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