About GDPR & our website




So for the past few weeks we all have gotten emails from the big companies about the HOT topic "GDPR" General data Protect Regulations.

As many of you have come to understand the GDPR is been set in place for website that handles your delicate information. We are proud to let you know that our website DOES NOT use any sensitive information from you. We only use the most basic form of capturing info never DO we save, store, or use any sensitive info from you. 

When You register to our website the only info that we use is your email, however our website is connected with various network like: Google analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel, Recapture..

The only digital info that we use is Cookies.
Our use with cookies is simple: When you are on our website cookies helps us keep up with your Reward points, Login sessions, Shopping cart, and User privilege. Cookies allows us to give you a better user experience while on our website.