CBD Products - Website display





As 2018 progresses we have been busy with orders and spreading the word on CBD health & Life.

To make things easier & simple as possible we would like for all those whom would like to have their CBD products displayed on our platform to send all items that you would like shown online via USPS or any carrier that you wish.
"Sample products" Will not be accepted since they will not be the same product being sold.

The process is very simple and easy, You send Us the item(s) you would like to sell and we would display it online for you. All we need from you is: 
  • Each individual CBD product(s) you wish to be seen on our websites.
  • Written CBD product(s) description, as you would like to be seen online.
  • Images of all CBD product(s) being sent for display on our website.
  • Latest Lab test(s) of each CBD product(s) being displayed. (we will verify each one)
  • CBD product(s) Wholesale price sheet. We DO NOT do minimums or quantities.
  • A written consent for Us to promote & sell your CBD product(s) include time length usually for (1) one year.

Once the CBD products are received, we will get your products up displayed among our inventory, We will do social media posting via Instagram, Facebook, twitter. And we keep a close social networking tie with you as our Venders. 

Send all CBD product(s) & Copy of Re-Sale Consent to:

Custom Bite Desserts
6641 Evans Street
Hollywood, Fl. 33024

                                                                            ​RE-SALE CONSENT AGREEMENT

This agreement is being made between [Vender] YOUR NAME HERE and [Distributor] Custom Bite Desserts for the period of (1) One year.

1. Vender must delivered the CBD product(s) as described above, which shall remain property of Distributor until such time as they are sold.

2. Distributor operates an online & retail store plus other sales outlet and agrees to make his/her best effort to sell Vender's CBD product(s).

3. Distributor agrees to return any unsold CBD product(s), upon 90 days via mail at Vender's expense.

4. Distributor, at his/her own discretion, may opt to return unsold CBD product(s) to Vender at any time.

5. Distributor agrees to sell the CBD product(s) at the MSRP price points, with markdowns allowed up to 40%.

6. Distributor agrees that all proceeds due, will be available to Vender upon final sales of the CBD product(s).

7. Distributor agrees to purchase inventory ONLY of the CBD product(s) that have been sold.

8. Vender must sell to Distributor without any minimums quantities or maximums dollar amount on any CBD orders made.

VENDER: ________________________  NAME: ___________________________ DATE: __/____

DISTRIBUTOR:    Custom Bite Desserts   NAME:       Norman J. Flecha                     DATE: 01/2018