CBD Wholesale, is a Wholesaler of CBD.
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Feb 2018

CBD Wholesale

CBD Wholesale
CBD Wholesale
Ok so the title might be somewhat confusing for most. So let me explain what we meant by, CBD Wholesale is a Wholesaler of CBD.
While on our website CBD Edible Candy you will notice some products have selections like: Personal, Retail, and Distributor.  We allow for personal CBD users to buy from us, We allow retail CBD stores to buy from us, and we allow for Wholesale distributors to become wholesalers too.

Our mission at this point is to give everyone the #1 CBD store. A place where you can get CBD products without the issues of Maximums, Minimums, on orders of any kind. Our CBD Wholesale is priced below all our Distributors by $1.00 to $5.00.

The website is always sending promotions, You can buy CBD with only reward points, You always get a lower price if you buy a second or a third item.

Once you have promoted or spent over $500.00 we then sell to you via Wholesale Wholesaler Pricing.

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