Giraffe NUTS

Giraffe Nuts

Giraffe Nuts
CBD Caramels

Giraffe Nuts, Hemp Infused Caramels WILL BE the single most delicious yummy caramels you will ever eat with a sweet maple, scotch, vanilla, or sea salt flavors in a wonderfully chewy CBD caramel piece. With all natural grown ingredients, vegan & sugar free ingredients, Individually wrapped Caramels contain 15 mg of USA grown Hemp oil necessary for total body fitness.

For a healthy Mind, Heart and Body system take CBD Hemp Oil Caramels daily for the yummiest caramels you’ll ever eat.

- 15 mg Hemp Oil per CBD Caramel.

- 10 CBD Caramels Per package.

Infused Caramels - Golden Maple - Top Shelf Scotch - Creamy Vanilla - Atlantic Sea Slat