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May 2018

Hello many of You know me and many do not my name is Norman Flecha owner of few CBD websites & stores.

My reason to express myself today to you is about the FACT that the government is not happy with CBD sales.

FOR NOW YOU MAY MAKE ALL PAYMENTS VIA:: ZELLE or Google Pay to [email protected]

As many will come to find that all CBD sales that are done via a credit card gateway is 100% illegal to do. Paypal.com is one of the leaders of credit card possessing but they too DO NOT allow the sale of CBD they consider it as an illegal drug and they will shut it down as soon as they find out. This year alone we have been shut down 5 times and have had over $15000.00 frozen in accounts.

Not to mention but then we got the city slickers offer 100% full prove CBD merchant accounts which by far is some sort of money laundering scheme. Check this out:


So We have spoken with our banks and as long as our customers send money it is 100% ok to do.

Also take NOTICE if Orders are not paid within 3 days we will have to remove your order from the shopping cart.

We have been working around the clock making sure all orders are filled and trust me keeping up with every order that comes in has been a difficult challenge, however we have succeeded an looking forward to the rest of the year.

FOR NOW YOU MAY MAKE ALL PAYMENTS VIA:: ZELLE or Google Pay to [email protected]

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